Intel, Cisco Team to Promote Intel-Powered Clouds

CHANNEL PARTNERS Its no secret that Intel is concerned that its billion dollar-plus investments into branding and engineering dont get lost in the cloud. To combat perceptions that all clouds run alike, it has stepped up efforts to persuade customers and partners alike of the value of Intel-powered clouds.

This week in Las Vegas, the company teamed with networking giant Cisco to promote the technological advantages of Intel-powered cloud technology, which is at the core of Cisco cloud offerings. Speaking at the Cisco-Powered Cloud Connections Workshop, part of the Spring 2014 Channel Partners Conference & Expo, for more than 100 cloud providers, Justin Van Buren, Intels cloud computing and data center marketing manager, told attendees that the top three customer obstacles to cloud adoption are overcome with Intel technology.

Security, data protection and performance  are all improved when customers and partners rely on a Powered by Intel cloud solution,” he said.

The joint-promotion work follows by little more than a month the introduction of a new marketing badge unveiled by Intel. In January 2014, Intel unveiled the “Powered by Intel Cloud Technology” badge with 16 cloud service providers (CSPs) that are expected to generate more than $3.5 billion in cloud services revenue this year.

On the heels of the workshop with Cisco, Intel said it would begin a new, direct marketing campaign to inform end users of the benefits of Intel cloud technology. Combined with its Cloud Finder program, which is essentially a Lending Tree-like service for customers to help them find cloud providers, the new efforts are reducing impediments to cloud adoption, said Van Buren.

Just like some cars run better than others, so do some clouds,” he said. Working with Cisco and other partners, we are getting that message out.”

To wit, he said Intel is committed to delivering the highest revenue per stack at the lowest cost. In addition, it offers a variety of security measures such as accelerated encryption that no other vendor does. All of this leads to more profitable SLAs and more confidence to partners, Van Buren added.

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