BlackBerry CEO Slams ‘Inappropriate,’ iPhone-Hyping T-Mobile Promotion

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BlackBerry CEO John Chen is a little hot under the collar.

Chen responded directly to T-Mobile‘s “Great offer for BlackBerry customers” campaign on the official BlackBerry blog, saying he and the company are “outraged.”

Last week, T-Mobile emailed an offer targeting BlackBerry users on its network, asking them to switch from their BlackBerry device to an Apple iPhone 5s. Chen said BlackBerry wasn’t told of T-Mobile’s plans before nor after the “clearly inappropriate and ill-conceived” marketing promotion was launched, a move he called puzzling.

“To T-Mobile, I would like to remind you that our long-standing partnership was once productive and profitable for both BlackBerry and T-Mobile,” Chen said. “I hope we can find a way forward that allows us to serve our shared customers once again. Notwithstanding the current challenge, we remain very excited about BlackBerrys future.”

Chen expressed gratitude to the BlackBerry user community, especially those who responded directly to T-Mobile’s campaign through tweets, calls and comments. He also hinted at an upcoming offer designed specifically for BlackBerry customers on the T-Mobile network.

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