iPhone 6, Galaxy S5: Release-Date Discounts Already Offered

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Release dates for the two most hotly anticipated smartphones of the year might be a ways away, but you can already save some cash on the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 and other devices.

From now until Feb. 15, customers can sign up for a $50 Best Buy gift card that will go toward a phone upgrade anytime during 2014.

You must simply register your cellphone number and email address (and up to four more phone numbers) in one of the retail giant’s stores or on its website. This will give you a $50 gift card toward the purchase and activation of a new mobile phone and two-year agreement with AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon Wireless before Dec. 31.

Customers can choose to upgrade their phone now or wait until later in the year for releases such as the iPhone 6 (expected in the fall) or the Samsung Galaxy S5 (expected to be introduced at Mobile World Congress and go on sale in March or April). The offer is good until the end of the year and if unused, simply goes away. New lines and new phone numbers are not eligible.

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