Backup Failures Push Businesses to Pursue Cloud Storage

One in five organizations experience backup failures at least monthly. One in 10 experience them weekly.

That’s one finding in TwinStrata’s “Industry Trends: Data Backup in 2014” survey. The numbers have spurred 53 percent of businesses surveyed to make changes to their backup strategy this year, most commonly by incorporating cloud storage.

“Once again, we see in this survey organizations using the cloud as a means to address some of their standard storage problems such as backup have a significant advantage over those that don’t,” TwinStrata CEO Nicos Vekiarides said. “That fact, coupled with the lower cost, lower maintenance model that cloud storage provides makes it an easy way for organizations to improve their ability to quickly recover.”

Disaster recovery was the area where backup strategies were under the most stress. Specifically, only 12 percent of respondents predicted they could recover from a site disaster within a couple of hours. Cloud-storage users were twice as likely to predict recovery in that timeframe than non-cloud storage users. Sixty-three percent of organizations measure site recovery time in days, with 29 percent requiring four days or more. More than half of organizations said they experience backup failure multiple times a year due to a host of issues that include connectivity failure, equipment failure or file corruption.

As organizations try to minimize the resource commitment required by their backup strategies, the survey found 75 percent of respondents are backing up more data than they did last year and 21 percent are backing up at least twice the data as last year. Fifty-nine percent of organizations keep backups in only one location, typically a physical site. More than half spent six or more hours managing and maintaining their backups, and 14 percent spent more than 20 hours. Individual applications were at greatest risk, with nearly a quarter of organizations backing up applications less often than monthly and, in some cases, never.

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