Verizon Wireless Customers Pay the Highest Bills – Survey

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Verizon Wireless customers pay the highest average monthly prices for service.

That’s according to a survey, cited in Ars Technica, of almost 2,000 U.S.-based mobile customers. The survey found that the average monthly bill for Verizon customers totals $148. This compares to Sprint at $144, AT&T at $141 and T-Mobile, the lowest of the four major wireless carriers, at $120.

Verizon justifies its higher bills by saying it offers better network coverage and quality. And, to be sure, the survey concluded that customers chose Verizon — and rival AT&T — for those reasons, while selecting Sprint and T-Mobile for better pricing and unlimited data plans.

For Verizon, iPhones generally bring in $10 more per customer than Android phones and about $40 more per customer than non-smartphones. Including both postpaid and prepaid iPhone users, 49.1 percent used AT&T, 36.7 percent used Verizon, 8.7 percent used Sprint and 2.7 percent used T-Mobile.

The study found that across the industry, 68.5 percent of postpaid respondents were paying for family plans, with 26.1 percent on individual plans and 5.4 percent on corporate plans. Verizon had the most family and corporate plans, with 72.3 percent of respondents paying for family plans and 7 percent on corporate plans.

When the survey was conducted in the third quarter of 2013, Verizon was also at the top with an average bill of $153 while T-Mobile was lowest at $133. AT&T was second highest at $147 with Sprint following with $143.

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