Telephony Partners Changes Name, Focus

Master agency Telephony Partners on Wednesday announced its company rebranding, which includes not only a new name and website, but a new focus.

Telephony Partners now operates as Acuity Technologies to reflect the changing landscape of technologies and the demands those changes place on businesses. Indeed, the convergence of IT and telecom drove the rebranding decision.

“We believe that this industry will be indistinguishable from the IT industry in the next five years,” CEO Josh Anderson wrote in a Jan. 15 blog post. “That belief prompted us two years ago to begin to develop value-added services that treated network infrastructure as part of a larger IT concern. Those services are so tied into what we do from a network services standpoint we believed it was time to make the shift.”

But the change did not solely boil down to the industry’s transition to cloud.

“The evolution of technology (in large part the maturation of our network infrastructure) has allowed applications and data to move into shared infrastructure, where in theory you can get more bang for your buck,” Anderson explained. “However, we dont see ‘cloud’ as a discrete phenomenon. Rather, its the result of an evolution that both drives and is driven by technological development. We believe that the end result will combine network, applications, and data in a way not seen since the early days of mainframe computing. As a result, we believe its vital that we adjust our focus accordingly.”

Along those lines, Acuity is not positioning itself as “the next whiz-bang cloud brokerage,” Anderson wrote.

“Thats an intermediary step that frankly I dont believe will be sustainable. We are striving to build a comprehensive technology infrastructure company that can provide solutions covering the entire spectrum of technology, both today and in the years to come.”

Anderson emphasized that Acuity’s commitment to partners and the channel in general remains unchanged.

Our partners are the backbone of our success, and now that these new solutions are fully developed it only makes sense that we bring everything together into one cohesive offering,” he said in a prepared statement. “This will enable our partners to succeed through diversification and an expansion of the value they can bring to their clients.”

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