Sprint’s Device-Upgrade Program Gone After Just 4 Months

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Sprint has ended its One Up smartphone upgrade program less than four months after it launched. The program, which America’s third-largest wireless operator shut down on Jan. 9, allowed customers to upgrade to a new smartphone after one year, rather than waiting until their contract expired.

The program was first announced in September 2013, making Sprint the last of the four major carriers to create an early upgrade program. One Up joined the likes of Verizon’s Edge, AT&T’s Next and T-Mobile’s Jump programs, all of which are still running.

Sprint’s support page now directs customers to its new "Framily" Plan, which launched on Jan. 10. The plan allows friends and family members to combine their lines on one account to get cheaper rates. Although Framily has early upgrade options, that doesn’t seem to be the focus of the program.

By most accounts, the upgrade programs at Sprint’s competitors have been at least moderately successful. The Overland Park, Kan.-based carrier is struggling to hang on to subscribers as its rivals notably its closest competitor in terms of size, No. 4 T-Mobile add customers to their rolls.

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