Apple’s iPhone 6 Release Might Disappoint Photo-Philes

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A new report says that Apple’s iPhone 6 likely to be released later this year won’t feature a camera sensor with a resolution higher than 8-megapixels. That’s to the chagrin of iPhone-owning photo-philes who have seen other manufacturers, notably Nokia, unveil handsets sporting cameras with much better resolution.

That, however, doesn’t mean that the camera won’t get an upgrade. Analysts with Nomura Securities told the China Post that image stabilization will be better on the iPhone 6 (which might be called the iPhone Air) than on the 5s, the 2013 version of Apple’s iconic device. Improvements in flash, software and aperture size could all help you take better photos, so all is not lost if the number of sensor megapixels remains the same.

Many in the industry have been expecting Apple to go from 8MP which debuted back in 2011 on the 4S to 16MP on its rear-facing camera on the iPhone 6. The news that it might stick with an 8MP sensor was enough to put a damper on the parts manufacturer’s stock last week.

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