iPhone 6 Might Be 20% Thinner Than 5s at Release Date

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Advances in technology are making it easier to pack more power into smaller packages.

Apple's next handset might be called "iPhone Air" because it's thin and light.Take Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6, for example, which a new report says will have a width of only 6 mm (less than a quarter-inch). Compare that to the company’s current flagship, the iPhone 5s, which measures in at 7.6 mm. A source not only spilled to Korea’s ET News the width of the device, but also that it will be called the iPhone Air. Apple gave the “Air” moniker to its latest iPad due to it being thinner and weighing less than the previous model. Apple has also given the “Air” designation to one of its lightweight MacBook computers.

Nothing new from the source on a release date for the next iPhone. Our best bet is that it will be out next September, one year after the release of the 5s. But the rumor mill is in full swing, with some reports saying we’ll see a large-screen handset from Apple as soon as May.

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