Windstream’s Allworx Updates VoIP Software

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Windstream‘s Allworx has unveiled System Software release 7.6 for its line of VoIP communication systems.

The update is designed to increase the geographic reach of Allworx products by adding flexibility to its customizable dial plan and improved Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) messaging. Also, several Web administration improvements have been added. Improvements in 7.6 are meant to streamline management tasks by providing tailored and specific information in several locations and increasing the flexibility of Automatic Call Distribution queue and agent assignments.

Allworx says the enhanced external dial plan makes it easier for all users, including international customers, to program the dialing behavior of the system. To facilitate implementation for all customers, but especially those with multiple locations, dial plans can also be imported and exported by the server, including internal, emergency and external dialing rules.

Software release 7.6 also incorporates several SIP messaging protocol enhancements to increase the interoperability between Allworx systems and additional SIP service providers. Improvement of the SIP Diversion Header and expansion of SIP P-Asserted-Identity support broadens the options available to customers, allowing them to select from a wider range of service providers with increased reliability, the Rochester, N.Y.-based company said.

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