Verizon Customers Hit With Scam Originating in Grenada

Unless you know someone in Grenada, be wary of any calls you get from a 473 area code.

That’s what Verizon is telling its customers particularly those in Utah who have been charged for returning a call to 473-520-9734.

One person in Centerville, Utah, reported getting a call from the number. It rang only once or twice. When he called back, he heard "a small child or person moaning … it lasted for a short time," the Standard Examiner reported that community’s police chief as saying. Various reports have described it as sounding either like someone in distress or the sounds of what one would expect on a porn line.

The remedy here should be fairly obvious: Don’t answer your phone if you don’t know anyone in the 473 area code. And certainly don’t call the number back. It’s not a U.S.-based line and you’ll be charged for the call.

Verizon is said to be aware of the scam and is trying to fix it.

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