Apple iPhone 6: Release-Date Specs Might Include Siri Upgrade

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Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant might soon know her way around your iPhone’s photo album.

The Silicon Valley giant last week applied for a new patent with a title of "Voice-Based Image Tagging and Searching." The filing notes how difficult it can be to sort through all of your photos when you’ve accumulated hundreds, even if you have them in folders. The patent application refers to tagging the photos with a user’s voice based on the names of people in the pictures, location, etc., Apple Insider noted.

For example, you could pull up an image, say "Here’s Julie at the symphony" into your iPhone, and the device would convert your speech into text. It’s expected that the phone would be able to automatically tag related photos on its own so you don’t have to do all of them individually. The system might even be able to recognize faces or backgrounds that it has seen before. Then you could use your voice to search for specific images in the same way that you tagged them.

Keep in mind, however, that many patent applications are filed, but never acted upon. This one, however, seems to be a natural progression of the Siri technology.

When might we see the next iPhone? Best bet is next fall, one year after this year’s iPhone 5s and 5c releases. But some industry insiders have predicted a release as early as May.

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