2014 Prediction: Jumbo iPad, Earlier-Than-Expected iPhone 6 Release Date

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Does Apple have its sights set on taking down the traditional PC market?

The Silicon Valley giant might be preparing a sixth-generation iPad with a 12.9-inch display. Many manufacturers, including Apple, have begun offering more tablets with smaller screens, delivering devices with lower prices. But a new report from Digitimes would lead one to believe that Apple wants both ends of the market. Tablet sales are going crazy as PC sales fall, and as tablets are able to run more and more programs once considered only capable of being operated on a PC, there might be a serious market for a big-screen iPad.

If you’re more interested in Apple’s iconic smartphone, there’s good news on that front as well. Digitimes’ sources say you won’t have to wait until fall to get the sixth-generation iPhone. The iPhone 6 will make an appearance as early as April 2014, the site says, featuring an improved processor. There’s much speculation that this version of the handset will feature a curved screen. Other rumors include a security upgrade that scans your retinas, and the long-awaited near-field communications technology for mobile payments that has existed for a couple of years on Android devices, but which Apple has yet failed to embrace.

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