AT&T Tests Super HD Samsung Galaxy S5 Release – Report

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While much of the smartphone talk this fall has surrounded Apple and it’s launch of two new handsets the iPhone 5s and 5c new reports indicate that Samsung is not too far away from unveiling the Galaxy S5, its follow-up to the Galaxy S4, the closest thing we’ve seen to an “iPhone killer.”

Not a lot is known about the new device, but a tweet on Wednesday from @evleaks said that AT&T is testing a Samsung phone going by SM-G900A this could very well be the S5. The tweet said that it’s a high-resolution smartphone, leading sites like Android Authority to believe that it will be one of the first quarter-HD (QHD) smartphones considered to be the next generation in super displays. A pair of Chinese handset makers have confirmed that they will deliver new phones with incredible upgrades in screen resolution that the industry has not seen before.

The Galaxy S4 was the first and only smartphone to outsell Apple’s iPhone flagship at U.S. carriers this past summer. It’s been a huge success in the consumer ranks and is said to be gaining on Apple’s darling among business users as well.

Release-date predictions for the Galaxy S5 range from the first quarter of 2014 to April. Speculation is that it will pack 3GB of RAM under the hood, run on a new version of Android (4.4 “KitKat”) and sport a Nokia-like 16MP camera. Sounds like another blockbuster from Samsung is just around the corner.

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