New AT&T API Toolkit Boosts Mobile Security

AT&T has made available a new application programming interface (API) toolkit that it says can help businesses make mobile transactions safer and easier for AT&T mobile subscribers.

The toolkit is designed to allow businesses to automate fraud-avoidance queries and the completion of basic forms for subscribers during transactions.

A recent Federal Reserve survey revealed that while nearly half of smartphone owners in the U.S. have used mobile banking in the past year, concerns about the security of the technology were the second most common reason given for not using mobile banking.

When an AT&T mobile subscriber uses their mobile device to transact business with a merchant that is using the toolkit, the service automatically and almost instantly performs a fraud-avoidance query to confirm that the device being used by the subscriber is authenticated to AT&T’s mobile network. If confirmed, the mobile user can opt in to a feature that allows automatic population of electronic forms with basic information such as name, address, phone and email information.

"As consumers use their mobile devices for more and more aspects of daily life, including online banking and m-commerce, they want assurances that these services are as secure as possible," said Laura Merling, VP of ecosystem development and platform solutions, AT&T. "Tapping into the intelligence of the AT&T network as a trusted authenticator for mobile identity not only makes these services more secure, but also easier to use. We see this as the opportunity to realize one of the biggest promises of APIs for businesses."

Businesses interested in using the toolkit can contact the AT&T Enterprise API Program.

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