Scam Lures Verizon Wireless Customers Looking to Claim Credit

Scammers are once again using Americans’ reliance on wireless phones to get their personal information.

The latest attempt to rip you off comes via robo-call. Someone is leaving voice mails saying that you have a Verizon Wireless credit to claim. You’re prompted to go online to a Web page that only looks like a VzW site. It’s not.

Then it prompts you to enter the username on your account, your password, credit card number and the like, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported. Presto criminals have the information they need to commit identity theft.

The Better Business Bureau offers a number of tips to avoid being a victim of these phishing scams. First, don’t fall for fake websites; using similar colors and fake logos is a common tactic for scammers. Second, check the Web address it’s not that hard to spot a fake. In this case, it did not start with Third, think about how you’re normally contacted by a business. Is a robo-call consistent with that communication?

Of course, you can always contact customer service if you’re concerned something isn’t real. Be sure to use the number on your bill, not the one provided to you by a phone call or peculiar email.

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