Verizon’s Nokia Lumia 929 Release Date Looms

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Expect the next Nokia flagship smartphone from Verizon Wireless to be available before the month is out.

A new photo of the device appeared on WP Central this week. The site’s source says the 929 will be released in mid- to late December. It’s expected to sport a five-inch, 1080p display; 32GB of internal storage; 2GB of RAM; a quad-core processor; and a large battery.

T-Mobile and AT&T have been the beneficiaries of the lion’s share of Windows Phone devices from Nokia over the past couple of years, particularly flagship phones. Verizon got its first premium Lumia, the 928, earlier this year. The carrier is looking to build up its Windows lineup as the operating system becomes more popular.

Nokia markets its smartphones to both the general consumer and the business user.

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