T-Mobile CEO Legere Joins Twitter Skirmish with AT&T

On Tuesday, Jay Rooney had a dilemma should he stay with AT&T or switch to T-Mobile? Naturally, Rooney took to the Twittersphere to vent about his situation:

@RamblingRooney: “Just found out that @tmobile doesn’t charge extra for overseas data. What the hell am I still doing with @ATT?”

The mobile-carrier equivalent of the two men fighting over the same girl ensued, as The Next Web spotted:

@TMobile: “@RamblingRooney You know there is an alternative to old-school wireless carriers, right? It’s called @TMobile, the #uncarrier ^ Lisa A”

AT&T was quick to notice and jumped into the conversation:

@ATT: “@RamblingRooney Resist the urge, Jay. We heard its dark, scary and no one can ever hear you. No one.”

T-Mobile came to Rooney’s defense by directly attacking AT&T, and even used their own campaign slogan against them:

@TMobile: “@ATT Did your kindergarten panel write that for you? @RamblingRooney Global data at no extra charge vs. $$$$$ #ItsNotComplicated

Not ready to admit defeat, AT&T throws a Hail Mary pass:

@ATT: “@RamblingRooney No gloves out over here, Jay. It’s too close to the holidays to be so disgruntled. #HappyCarrier”

You know this is getting serious once CEOs get involved:

@JohnLegere: “@TMobile @ATT @RamblingRooney @RamblingRooney bet @ATT’s CEO isn’t going to join the convo. Come join the #WirelessRevolution! #Uncarrier”

Legere’s tweet might have been enough to seal the deal:

@RamblingRooney: “@JohnLegere You definitely caught my attention, good sir. Going to a @tmobile store to incquire tomorrow!”

So basically, to sum up what happened on Twitter on Monday:

@RamblingRooney: “Oh, snap – @ATT and @TMobile are totally duking it out on Twitter over me. This is awesome.”

Oh the joys of technology…

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