China Mobile, Apple iPhone Partnership Imminent

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A long-expected team-up between Apple and China Mobile appears to be imminent.

On Dec. 18, at its global partners conference in Guangzhao, the world’s largest mobile carrier is prepared to introduce a new brand to its customers. Industry insiders expect that it will be Apple’s iPhone, The Wall Street Journal reports.

China Mobile is almost ready to roll out 4G services, although the country has to issue 4G licenses, one company exec told the Journal. Apple does have the licenses needed for the iPhone to run on China Mobile’s network, he added.

Just how huge would this be? China Mobile has more than 700 million mobile subscribers. That’s about double the number that the big four U.S. carriers have combined. Analysts think that about 10 percent (70 million) of China Mobile’s customers those with money to afford an iPhone could be potential buyers of Apple’s iconic device.

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