iPhone Patent Battle: Apple Gets Nearly $300 Million from Samsung

It looks like Apple got most of what it was looking for in its iPhone patent-infringement retrial.

A federal jury in San Francisco ordered Samsung to shell out another $290 million for violating the Silicon Valley giant’s patents involving the technology used in the design of the iconic iPhone, MarketWatch reported.

It was just a year ago when a jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $1 billion for patent infringement, but a federal judge threw out about 40 percent (roughly $400 million) of it because she said the jury wasn’t clear how it had calculated its verdict. Thursday’s decision restores almost three-quarters of that.

No word yet from Samsung if it will appeal. Either way, chalk this one up as a win for Apple. In court this week, the company’s lawyers said part of the reason Apple has been accused of a recent lack of innovation is because its product designs were copied.

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