Was Apple’s iPhone 5c a Mistake?

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After being long-criticized for only releasing one handset a year, did Apple make a mistake by offering up two new iPhones in 2013?

Foxconn, which manufactures iPhones for Apple in its Asia-based factories, has put a stop to production of the iPhone 5c in one of them, says a report in DigiTimes. Instead, it will reportedly focus on the flagship 5s.

Many of the major carriers around the world have confirmed that sales of the 5c have been slow, although Apple is yet to give numbers separating 5s and 5c sales since their debut at the end of September. And, as usual, the flagship device is selling like hotcakes.

The 5c is Apple’s answer to Samsung and other rivals who have a variety of different smartphones available at different price points. The 5c, which sells for half the price of the 5s, comes in a variety of colors and is roughly equivalent to last year’s model, the iPhone 5. 

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