T-Mobile Expected to Support iPads Next Week

If T-Mobile is your carrier of choice or your business’ a Wi-Fi-only iPad has been your only option from the Magenta Network when it comes to Apple’s iconic tablet. But that seems about to change.

Apple is set to host an event next week (Oct. 22) which most industry insiders expect will involve at least one announcement about the iPad a new model perhaps? That has T-Mobile CEO John Legere pretty excited. He tweeted on Wednesday, "Who has two thumbs and is excited for October 22? This guy." One might assume that he’s banking on selling a new iPad that is compatible with T-Mobile’s wireless network.

Last month, T-Mobile was included in the launch of a new Apple device for the first time. The carrier only started selling the iPhone this past spring; it got to sell the new iPhone 5s and 5c when they went on sale Sept. 20.

Since T-Mo did away with carrier subsidies for new customers earlier this year, this would give potential customers the opportunity to buy an iPad without signing a wireless-service contract an option its bigger rivals don’t offer.

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