iPhone 5s, 5c Get High Marks, But Screen Size, Battery Life Still Concerns

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Apple’s new iPhone 5s and 5c, less than a month removed from their debuts, are scoring high with Consumer Reports testers.

Both smartphones deliver better performances than their predecessors, Consumer Reports said. They have a little less than seven hours of talk time (more than the previous generations) and benefit from advancements to Apple’s operating system.

The defining characteristic of the new generation, in CR’s opinion, is the fingerprint reader. Available only on the 5s, the Touch ID fingerprint reader is built into the Home button and allows users to safely unlock the phone’s screen or authorize an Apple store purchase. Consumer Reports found that the fingerprint reader works surprisingly well and is a lot easier to use than typing in a passcode. The 5s also comes with an 8-megapixel camera with a digital image stabilizer which will help with taking handheld photos in low-light conditions.

Meanwhile, the 5c is a cheaper alternative to the 5S but does not come with the fingerprint reader or the 8MP camera. As a consolation, it’s aesthetically pleasing, coming in a number of different, bright colors.

Consumer Reports is, however, still concerned about battery life and screen sizes on the iPhones. Samsung, LG and HTC products all have battery lives of up to 24 hours as well as huge screens that dwarf the iPhones’ displays.

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