Beware of Verizon Phishing Scammer

If someone calls and promises hundreds of dollars off of your Verizon bill, hang up. It’s a phishing scam and the caller just wants your personal information.

People across the United States, Verizon customers and others, have been receiving calls from an automated machine saying that, just by logging onto a website, $384 will be taken off of their Verizon bills.

“It was an automated call saying I would save 384 dollars on my Verizon bill,” said Carol Blackwell, a Verizon customer, in an interview with Decatur, Ill.’s WAND-TV. “I then called Verizon to report it because I knew it was not kosher … Verizon did confirm it was a scam, they were checking into it and they’ve gotten a lot of phone calls about it.”

If anyone did go to the website (, they are advised to call Verizon immediately and let them know that their account information has been given out.

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