AT&T’s Mobile Share Soon to Be Only Choice for New Customers

Beginning Oct. 25, AT&T will offer only its Mobile Share plans to new customers, cutting all other service options.

So even if you have just one device and you’re the only one on your plan, you’ll need to sign up for Mobile Share. You get unlimited voice and texts, but then must add the amount of data that you want.

That means you’ll be shelling out a minimum of $70 per month, and that’s if you choose just 300MB of data. If you want 2GB of data, which was previously considered an average amount across the industry, your bill is up to $95.

More than 13 million customers have signed up for Mobile Share plans since they debuted a year ago. AT&T says this move streamlines its plans, noting that the overwhelming majority 95 percent  of new customers are signing up for Mobile Share anyway.

Customers who choose a “basic” phone can get unlimited talk, text and 300MB of data for $50 per month.

The change will only affect new customers. Existing AT&T customers will be able to keep their current plans.


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