Large Enterprises Turning to Hybrid Clouds

By the end of 2017 nearly half of all large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments.

So says Gartner in a new report, which notes that private cloud computing has moved from simply a dream to an everyday reality for large enterprises in only three years. Hybrid cloud computing is at the same place today as private cloud computing was three years ago. Deployments may be low, but aspirations are high.

Cost remains an important consideration for enterprises that are considering the cloud.

“Virtualization reduces capital expenses, and standards and automation reduce operational expenses,” said Thomas Bittman, vice president and analyst at Gartner. “However, taking the next step of adding usage metrics, self-service offerings and automated provisioning requires investment in technologies without a significant reduction in operational cost. With this in mind, the driving factor for going that next step should primarily be agility.”

Bittman also noted that IT departments need to understand where agility could make a difference in current services, understand what new services would be useful if provided with agility, and work closely with customers to make said determinations.

The researcher has some advice for businesses making a transformation to the cloud.

“Too often, private cloud projects are started by choosing a technology, but technology itself does not solve the transformational people and process issues,” Bittman said. “It is much better to focus first on an approach to make transformative changes. In many cases, that means creating a separate organization outside of traditional IT processes  at least to incubate those projects  and focusing first on a simple project that has buy-in between IT and IT’s customers.”

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