More Potential BlackBerry Buyers: SAP, Google, Cisco

Cisco, Google and SAP are all rumored to be potential buyers for BlackBerry, the once-great Canada-based smartphone manufacturer.

That’s been good news for BlackBerry’s stock price, which is up more than 3 percent on Monday.

Fairfax Financial Holding Ltd., which already owns about 10 percent of BlackBerry, recently announced plans to acquire the entire company, but that doesn’t preclude someone else from making an offer.

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek thinks other big names could still make a play. The BlackBerry Messenger platform might be attractive to Yahoo, he noted, as Reuters reported. Network assets and the enterprise business might lure in someone like IBM, HP or Oracle.

“Each company (Cisco, Google and SAP) would have some benefit in acquiring pieces of BlackBerry, but I don’t see any of them wanting to acquire and run BlackBerry as a ‘whole’ entity,” said Jack Gold, a research analyst.

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