US Signal Debuts Hosted Private Cloud

Network and infrastructure provider US Signal is introducing Hosted Private Cloud, which the company says provides a customer-specific virtual environment with dedicated compute resources and flexible storage options.

One of those options is dedicated storage for health care, housed in US Signal’s owned and operated Midwest data centers. US Signal says HPC private storage offers a geographically diverse, off-site location to backup and store crucial business data. Whether for archival purposes or to restore corrupted or lost files.

HPC is particularly designed to help any medical facility or organization that handles electronic patient health information (ePHI) which needs to meet federal guidelines for HIPAA compliance. US Signal says the rigorous security features of HPC are augmented by a wholly owned, fiber-optic network connecting data centers throughout the Midwest.

"A key component of HIPAA compliance is that medical facilities know where their data is located. Most of our competitors have data centers scattered across the country. Customers can be half a continent away from where their data resides," said Kirk Dombek, US Signal’s vice president of business development. "Since all of our data centers are in the Midwest, our Hosted Private Cloud customers can be confident about the proximity of their data."

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