Severed Fingers, Fingerprint Photos Thwart New iPhone 5s Security

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It looks like there are several ways to get around the new fingerprint sensor on Apple’s new iPhone 5s and one of them is straight out of the movies, or a mafia hideout.

A group of hackers calling themselves the Chaos Computer Club have already taken to YouTube to show how you only need to print out a high-res photo of a fingerprint and use it to build a fake finger.

Or taking an even more demented twist on the scenario, imagine a scenario where someone takes a finger that’s no longer attached to a live person.

I thought that after last year’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ no one would be fooled that fingerprints are a sufficient security technique, noted Yankee Group’s Wally Swain, commenting specifically on an Information Week article. “Here in Latin America, responsible newscasts widely published an opinion that the finger had to be ‘alive’ because the device used electrical capacitance of the skin and not just the image of the fingerprint. This was to discourage thieves from cutting off the finger of robbery victims. However, this demonstration seems to belie that opinion, unfortunately. The error is assuming that any biometric technique cannot be bypassed, particularly in a device that costs less than U.S.$1,000. The problem is expectations, not Apple’s design.”

Apple says it broke records in the first weekend of sales for the iPhone 5s which offers the fingerprint-sensor technology and its budget iPhone 5c, selling 9 million of the devices over three days.

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