T-Mobile’s Hand Slapped for Anti-AT&T Ad Campaign

T-Mobile, in an effort to draw closer to its larger rivals, might have gone one step too far.

The National Advertising Division (NAD) had some strong words for America’s fourth-largest carrier this week, asking T-Mo to change or outright pull some of its TV adds that compare its network to AT&T’s.

The NAD the investigative arm of the ad industry’s self-regulation system is run by the Council of Better Business Bureaus. The agency isn’t happy with T-Mobile’s claim that it delivers 50 percent more bandwidth than AT&T, an assertion that compares the carriers’ two HSPA networks, but fails to consider AT&T’s LTE network, which is much faster, CNET reported.

Calling the analysis “flawed,” the NAD slammed T-Mobile, saying the evidence isn’t there to suggest that AT&T’s combined networks are slower and more congested than what T-Mobile offers. The NAD strongly encouraged T-Mo to make changes to its ads that include claims regarding call quality and 4G speeds.

The Magenta Network downplayed the confrontation, telling CNET that, actually, “NAD’s findings are a validation of our marketing approach. In fact, today’s NAD findings won’t result in any substantial changes to our marketing claims.”

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