AT&T Intros API Program Focused on Enterprise

AT&T on Wednesday unveiled an API (application programming interface) program that allows enterprise customers, wholesale collaborators and solution providers to innovate using AT&T network APIs.

A Mind Commerce study predicts the telco API opportunity will grow to $157 million in global revenue by 2018. Laura Merlin, VP of AT&T ecosystem development and platform solutions, will lead AT&T’s effort to get its piece of that pie.

APIs are software interfaces that provide access to data and core functions within AT&Ts network. By opening up its APIs to customers, AT&T believes it can help them meet three key challenges: doing more without spending more; harnessing technology to gain a competitive advantage; and supporting their ability to create and deploy applications that can be used on almost any device around the world.

Working closely with our ecosystem of enterprise customers and solution providers, we have jointly identified core network capabilities that allow all of us to create differentiated services and solutions,” said Andy Geisse, CEO, AT&T Business Solutions. We expect our work to result in a proliferation of innovative solutions that will help enterprise customers innovate, grow and become more productive.

Examples of how enterprises can use AT&T APIs include:

  • Content formatting: Using APIs, video content from a companys video library stored in the cloud can be easily optimized in near real-time for users to watch on almost any device and network.
  • Communications services: To bring more efficiency and productivity to business operations, businesses can use APIs to automate voice and video calls, integrating speech and video services into applications.

AT&T says the new API program complements its consumer developer program. Across all of AT&Ts API programs, the company now generates more than 7.8 billion API calls per month.

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