15 Keys to SMB Cloud Sales Success

A study by research and analyst firm Techaisle has found that there are quantitative, meaningful and actionable differences between channel partners who have developed successful SMB cloud practices and those who have not.

The study, designed to understand the winning strategies for selling cloud to SMBs, uncovered 15 best practices and critical differences between the activities and approaches of successful and unsuccessful SMB cloud computing channel partners. These 15 keys are grouped into three areas: corporate priorities and allocations, technology and offering definition, and sales and marketing strategies and tactics.

The 15 keys to SMB cloud sales success identified in the study are:

Corporate Priorities and Allocations

  1. There is no organizational recipe for cloud success.
  2. Familiarity breeds success.
  3. The why” behind the cloud initiative often helps explain success.
  4. Recurring revenue is not the sole indicator of cloud business success.

Technology and Offering Definition
5.   Cloud rewards suppliers that focus on providing best-of-breed.
   6.   Branded solutions are a key element of channel cloud success.
   7.   Industry expertise is a more important differentiator than technical prowess.
   8.   Cloud portfolios need to extend beyond basic IaaS and SaaS to also encompass verticals.
   9.   Data integration linking on-premise and cloud environments is non-optional.
   10. The future is hybrid, not private.

Sales and marketing strategies and tactics
11. The nature of sales relationship is a critical determinant of cloud success.
   12. Profit is driven by product/service balance.
   13. Partner-to-partner relationships are important to cloud business success.
   14. A distinctive approach to budget and resource allocation creates differentiation.
   15. Creating a cost-effective, scalable approach to lead-generation is imperative.

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