PlanetOne Joins Social Media Fray

PlanetOne Communications has joined the social media fray.

The master agency said on Monday it now has a presence on Twitter and Facebook, in addition to its existing LinkedIn group, so it can communicate even more with its partners. The twitter handle is @PlanetOneComm and the Facebook link is "Planetone Communications," with a lowercase "o" in "Planetone."

"Facebook rules prevented us from using the proper capitalization of the PlanetOne company name for our page," said Ted Schuman, PlanetOne founder and CEO. "But it will nonetheless be a destination for our efforts to bolster information sharing and conversation with our business partners. We are dedicated to open and transparent participation in the channel community, and I’m excited to use Facebook, along with daily Twitter updates, to form the core of an expanded focus on that."

PlanetOne also runs a group on LinkedIn. The company said adding Twitter and Facebook strengthens its two-way communications with sales partners, suppliers and customers.

"A presence on Facebook and Twitter will help keep the lines of communication open even further, and help us to make those relationships even stronger," said Lauren Shapiro, president of PlanetOne.

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