iPhone 5S Release Date: What to Expect Tuesday

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On the eve of Apple’s media event, many technology analysts and Apple loyalists are still speculating what the tech giant’s new iPhone or iPhones will have to offer.

Two different iPhones are expected to be released on Tuesday: the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C (if those are indeed what the models are called). Both are expected to have the same screen size as the current iPhone 5 (four inches) but champagne and graphite are supposedly being added to the iPhone color spectrum.

The iPhone 5C might very well be the highlight. The “C” could mean one of three possible things: cheap, color or China. According to mobile analyst Chetan Sharma, in an interview with NBC News, the 5C “will give millions of consumers a chance to own an iPhone at a lower price.” The iPhone 5C will need to be at least $250 cheaper than the regular iPhone in order to be “effective,” Sharma said.

While the 5S is adding more neutral tones, such as champagne and graphite gray, the 5C is predicted to come in “bubblegum-like colors,” similar to earlier Apple products, the report said.

The iPhone 5C will not only give cash-strapped consumers a cheaper alternative, but it will also help Apple overseas. On Sept. 11, Apple will hold a media event in China where the new iPhones are expected to be introduced to China Mobile the world’s largest carrier with hundreds of millions of subscribers.

The 5C will be the show-stealer at Tuesday’s press event, but that doesn’t mean that the 5S won’t have anything to offer.

There’s some speculation that the 5S will come in gold because that shade is in demand in Asia. Aside from the colors, the iPhone 5S will be nearly similar to the current iPhone 5; however, there are some internal improvements that may make its way into the new model such as a larger battery and two LED camera lights for a better flash. It’s also said to come with a faster processor. Perhaps the biggest new feature was unveiled last week when an Australian teen leaked photos of the new fingerprint scanning home button, which will help enhance the device’s security.

While the screen size of the new models are still sticking to the current four inches, rumors are already circulating about next year’s iPhone models. Apple has reportedly been testing with screen sizes between 4.8 and six inches.

In the meantime, consumers have a lot to look forward to as Apple unveils its next line of iPhones on Tuesday. The new models will likely be available on Sept. 20, sticking to Apple’s tradition of making their phones available 10 days after being unveiled.

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