Verizon’s Nokia Lumia Sirius LTE Tablet Won’t ‘Get Much Traction’ Against iPad

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Nokia appears to be looking past criticism of the Windows RT operating system and is moving forward with the release of a tablet based on the Microsoft OS.

The tablet, codenamed Sirius, will have a 10.1-inch screen and a design similar to that of Windows Phones, “sources familiar with Nokia’s plans” told The Verge. The tablet is thinner than the iPad and will include two cameras a six megapixel and a two megapixel and a screen resolution of 1,920 by 1,080. While no official release date has been set for the Sirius tablet, those same sources say that the tablet will be available soon and, based on a photo of the device prototype, will be offered by Verizon with LTE connectivity.

Despite the specifications of the new tablet, Yankee Group Senior Analyst Boris Metodiev says he is “not convinced that the Windows RT tablet will get much traction, especially if it is priced similarly to Apple’s iPad, as reports suggest.”

“Much has been written about Windows RT’s deficiencies,” Metodiev added. “Manufacturers such as Asus and Samsung already stopped building Windows RT tablets due to low demand. I find it hard to believe that the Nokia tablet will perform much better on the market.”

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