Cbeyond Intros New Cloud-Based Phone System

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Cloud and communications provider Cbeyond says its Communications on the Go solution is generally available.

It’s a cloud-based phone system that allows users to access advanced call-management features from desktop phones or mobile devices, in the office or on the go. Several Cbeyond products and features are integrated into Communications on the Go, including TotalCloud Phone System (TCPS), Cbeyond Communicatior, Cbeyond Mobile and Cbeyond’s Managed Network Service. All of these products and services allow for improved business communications, the company said.

The TCPS service  specifically designed for small to midsize businesses with office, remote and mobile workers  allows for communication through Cbeyond’s carrier-class, private IP network managed through the company’s data centers.

There is also a smartphone application that serves as an extension to TCPS, Cbeyond Communicator for Mobile. This application makes business-grade calling easier for remote and travelling employees, Cbeyond said. Communicator for Mobile gives smartphones the ability to place and receive calls using a professional business number and a personal number on the same device. Communicator for Mobile is also beneficial for the users’ customers because customers can contact the user regardless of the user’s location or device.

Along with Unified Communications capabilities, users can begin a call on a regular desktop phone, laptop or tablet and then ease into a mobile device without any interruption.

“Small and mid-sized companies are shifting to an increasingly mobile workforce and therefore require their communications tools to work seamlessly to maintain productivity regardless of location,” said Chris Ortbals, senior vice president, product management at Cbeyond. “Cbeyond’s Communications on the Go brings an integrated solution of managed network access, a hosted business phone system and mobile phone service.”

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