Sprint Expands Ethernet Portfolio for Businesses

Sprint has introduced Sprint Ethernet Wave Service, which the company says is designed to meet the high-speed and heavy bandwidth-transport needs of business customers.

Sprint says Ethernet Wave delivers lightning-fast speeds and high-capacity bandwidth for the most challenging of business applications over its next-generation optical network.

The service aims to deliver the flexibility, scalability and reliability that robust business applications need, including support for storage area networks, data center connectivity, and existing and emerging hosted and cloud services, as well as transmitting heavy-bandwidth data files like financial data and medical images. Sprint says it is also well-suited to handle common operational needs such as business continuity, record archiving, and database sharing and replication.

While Carrier Ethernet is becoming a ubiquitous service provided locally and globally, Sprints Ethernet Wave Service offers businesses the flexibility, higher speeds and scalability needed for emerging applications,” said Mike Sapien, principal analyst with Ovum Research. It is just as important that these services are backed by service level agreements that will deliver end-to-end performance requirements with the high-speed, high-bandwidth transport service. Sprint already has a strong market reputation in service management from our survey data, and the addition of new Ethernet transport options and additional coverage will complement their solutions portfolio.”

Sprint Ethernet Wave Service is now available in 88 U.S. markets and expansion will continue through 2014. The service offers 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GigE), 40GigE and 100GigE speeds. Around-the-clock network monitoring helps to ensure the service is available when needed and is performing optimally.

Sprint is using a Ciena 6500-based architecture to address customer service requirements, including delivery of Ethernet Wave.

Sprints Ethernet Solutions portfolio also includes Ethernet access, which is available today in 149 U.S. markets and 81 countries around the globe.

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