iPhone 5S Release To Be Much Faster Than Previous Model

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Apple‘s new iPhone could be 31 percent faster than its predecessor.

That revelation comes from Fox News’ Clayton Morris, who tweeted: “Sources are telling me the new iPhone’s A7 chip is running at about 31% faster than A6. I’m hearing it’s very fast.” Morris later added, “Ive also heard theres a separate chip devoted to motion tracking. Should be an interesting camera upgrade.”

Apple's iPhone 5S could be 31 percent faster than its predecessor and feature a camera that captures motion better.Both tweets “confirm” what has been rumored for months, that the iPhone 5S will have a faster processor and an improved camera. But until now there hasn’t been a lot of credible information going beyond generalities. No comment, of course, from Apple, which keeps its mouth shut until the day of the release announcement, expected to happen on Sept. 10.

Other iPhone 5S speculation surrounds a possible fingerprint sensor for added security. The device is expected to look and feel much like last year’s iPhone 5.

Most of the recent iPhone talk has been about the “budget” device aimed at emerging markets the so-called iPhone 5C. There have been all kinds of image leaks online purporting to be this so-far-mythical device, but again, no confirmation from Apple, which has long said it doesn’t want to reduce its profit margins by offering a less-expensive phone. But insiders have long argued it’s necessary due to increased competition from Samsung and other Android manufacturers.

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