Does Anyone Want AT&T’s 6.3-Inch Samsung Galaxy Mega?

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Smartphones just keep getting bigger, but pretty soon, you might need a hand as big as Shaq’s to hold one.

AT&T will be the first U.S. carrier to sell the Samsung Galaxy Mega, which lives up to its name. The device has a massive 6.3-inch screen, which is only slightly smaller than the seven-inch tablets that many manufacturers have on the market. Another comparison: Apple’s iPhone 5 has a four-inch display, and the screen on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 comes in at 5.5 inches.

The Mega goes on sale Friday at AT&T for $150 if you sign up for a new, two-year service agreement. Existing customers who want to upgrade can do so for $24 per month via the AT&T Next plan.

“Images and Web content come alive on the large display, making it easy to stay productive and entertained almost anywhere, all on the nations fastest and now most reliable4G LTE network,” said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president devices, AT&T.

The Mega comes with WatchOn, a feature that helps the Mega function as a remote control for your home theater; Air View, which allows you to  hover your finger over a calendar item or email to display a preview of whats inside without opening it; and Multi Window display, which offers split-screen viewing and lets you view content in two windows at once, making it easy to multitask.

Sprint and U.S. Cellular have also announced plans to carry the Mega, which runs on Android 4.2; features a dual-core, 1.7GHz processor; 1.5GB of RAM; and 8GB of built-in storage. Its rear-facing camera is 8MP.

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