iPhone 5S Release-Date Announcement Might Never Happen

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After months of anticipating the release of the iPhone 5S in September or October, that announcement might never come.

That’s because new speculation points to the possibility that what we’ve all come to call the 5S, will actually be named the iPhone 5G. The rumor comes via Phone Arena, which published pictures last week of a box from China that supposedly contains a screen from the upcoming flagship device. The sticker on the outside refers to it as “5G LCD.” Why it would be called 5G, we don’t know. Apple’s iPhone 3G referred to its running on 3G networks. There are no 5G networks for this phone to run on, and it’s not a fifth-generation device, so we’re skeptical.

That’s just one of the wildest bits of jabber surrounding the upcoming iPhone making its rounds on the Internet in the past few days. A lot of the other speculation has surrounded the possibility of a new iPhone 5C, which many industry insiders expect will be a less expensive version of Apple’s iconic device, perhaps aimed at emerging markets where fewer consumers can afford to shell out the big bucks for the real deal. An Australian blogger posted almost five-dozen images of what appear to be a new iPhone with a plastic body. He claims to have multiple contacts within Apple supply chain in China.

Might the iPhone "5S" be just a myth? Probably not.Speaking of that plastic iPhone which Apple has not yet confirmed at least one analyst thinks it actually will outsell the 5S (or 5G, as noted above). UBS’ Steve Milunovich refers to the “iPhone 5C” as the “iPhone M,” saying that sales of the device will reach 92 million units in fiscal year 2014, accounting for 53 percent of all iPhone sales. But naturally, it will have a significant negative impact on the company’s profits and earnings per share. That will undoubtedly make you wonder why Apple would make such a move. The company has long said it doesn’t want to pull the rug out from under its margins, but industry insiders have argued that if it wants to keep up with Samsung, Apple needs to sell more than one iPhone model.

Last but not least (actually, there’s a lot more iPhone speculation out there, but who has time for it all?), a newly leaked image shows that the iPhone 5S/5G will be available in a champagne color, which backs up talk from earlier in the year that the next model would be available in colors beyond the traditional black and white.

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