Many ‘Will Skip’ the iPhone 5S at Release Date, Wait for iPhone 6

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Will this be the first of Apple’s iPhones to flop? Not likely.

But if you listen to the analysts, it might not sell as well as prior versions. That’s due to the perception that it won’t offer enough of an upgrade for users to shell out the bucks for it.

The iPhone 5S will probably look a lot like this, the iPhone 5.” … we believe high-end smartphone saturation is extending replacement cycles and that many will skip the 5S and wait for the iPhone 6,” noted Jefferies analysts Jason North, Peter Misek and Bill Kim in an investors’ note this week.

The global investment banking firm believes all is not lost; they expect 37 million wireless subscribers will be coming off contracts, opening the door for them to buy a new iPhone if they so choose. And considering the fact that the iPhone 4S despite its only significant upgrade being the Siri voice-recognition system became its then all-time top-seller, the Jefferies crew might be seriously underestimating the value of Apple nation.

Apple has been tight-lipped about upgrades in the new version expected to launch in September so we’ve had to rely on the rumor mill. Insiders expect it will come with a faster processor, a better camera and a fingerprint sensor for added security. But it will probably feature the same four-inch screen size as on the iPhone 5, which was released almost a year ago.

There’s further speculation that Apple will release a cheaper version of its iconic device this fall, aimed at emerging markets where there are fewer customers who can afford the traditional model.

If you do choose to wait for the iPhone 6, the speculation on a release date has already begun. While most assume Apple will wait another year, some have said the assumed lack of upgrades in this year’s model, combined with added competition from Samsung and others that pump out multiple devices every year, could prompt the Silicon Valley giant to deliver the iPhone 6 as early as the first quarter of 2014.

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