iPhone 5S: Release-Date Prediction for Apple Gets Even Earlier

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There have been so many new reports of a new iPhone lately, if you hadn’t been watching carefully, you might’ve assumed it was already available.

The latest comes from the German blog iFun, which quotes a very credible source “to be taken seriously” OK, admittedly, a possible red flag there that the next iPhone, presumably called the 5S, will be “coming to market” right after Labor Day. The suggested release date of Sept. 6 is the earliest we’ve heard forecasted.

The blog also says to look for “two new device types,” but isn’t clear what that means. One can only assume it’s predicting the much-rumored “budget iPhone” that Apple has consistently denied; nonetheless, most analysts expect it’s going to happen.

That cheaper device was “confirmed” by a recent investigation into working conditions at an Apple factory in China, where staff were supposedly working on plastic casings for a new iPhone. But again, take that one with a grain of salt.

The 5S isn’t expect to look a lot different than last year’s model, but it might include a fingerprint sensor connected to the home button for added security.

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