Verizon, AT&T Squabble Over ‘Most Reliable’ Tag

Verizon Wireless and AT&T got into a little spat this week over whose network really is "most reliable."

Verizon has been using the phrase in its marketing for some time, and came out swinging when AT&T last week started advertising that its network is the most reliable.

"They have misled the public in the past," Mike Haberman, head of network solutions for Verizon Wireless told CNET earlier this week at Verizon’s Droid Ultra event. "I thought, ‘Here we go again.’"

An AT&T representative told CNET, "The facts are the facts. We stand by our claim."

The companies are tussling over data apparently supplied by the same third-party research firm, Root Metrics. Verizon says Root Metrics has found its data and other services to be superior in most of its U.S. markets, while AT&T also says Root Metrics calls it the nation’s fastest carrier. Verizon contends that AT&T has not disclosed publicly available data to back its claim, while AT&T says it has.

Will these two crazy kids ever learn to get along?

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