tw telecom Upgrades On-Demand Ethernet Service

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tw telecom announced Thursday the launch of its new on-demand Ethernet service that enables businesses to pre-set bandwidth usage thresholds that trigger automatic increases in network capacity.

The new service, Alerts Driven Dynamic Capacity, is an enhancement to the Dynamic Capacity service tw telecom launched last summer to let CIOs look into their network metrics in real time and then allocate Ethernet bandwidth on-demand.

Our Alerts Driven feature takes our previously introduced Dynamic Capacity to the next level by providing customers with automatic linkages between network performance visibility and system-driven increased bandwidth that reflects what we believe is the future for enterprises which is greater and greater automation of the network,” said tw telecom COO John Blount.

Alerts Driven Dynamic Capacity is available to Business Ethernet customers that have Enhanced Management and Dynamic Capacity capabilities.

Customers and prospects in approximately 18,500 tw telecom fiber-connected buildings in 75 major metro markets across the country have access to the Companys Intelligent Network services.

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