Verizon’s Motorola X Release Looms as New Droids Are Unveiled

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The latest additions to Verizon’s Droid lineup have arrived, but these are just the appetizers for many who await the upcoming release of the powerful Motorola X smartphone.

The first of the new Motorola Droids, the Ultra, has a large, five-inch touchscreen and is just a little more than 7 mm thick. It goes on sale on Aug. 20, for $200 if you sign up for a new, two-year service agreement. The second Droid, the Maxx, is a step up the smartphone supremacy ladder. It, too, has a five-inch screen. It also comes with 32GB of internal storage and 2GB of RAM. Its big selling point might be a battery that the carrier says will go for two days without recharging.

The companies also announced the Droid Mini, which features a 4.3-inch screen still bigger than Apple’s iPhone 5. It will only set you back $100 on contract when it’s made available on Aug. 29.

All of the phones run on Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and feature a pair of cameras, the rear-facing offering 10 megapixels of picture-taking clarity. New features include the ability to start up your camera with a couple of turns of the wrist; and touchless voice controls.

Many Android fans are waiting on an announcement surrounding the upcoming release of the Motorola X, which is poised to deliver a 1.7GHz, dual-core processor; a 4.7-inch screen; a 10.5MP rear-facing camera; and 16GB of storage, Android Police is reporting.


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