iPhone 5S Release Date Delayed?: 4.3-Inch Screen Said to Be in the Offing

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Might Apple be ready to increase the screen size of its iconic smartphone for the second year in a row?

Might Apple delay its iPhone 5S release to accommondate a larger screen size?It seems like a long shot, but sources told Taiwan’s Commercial Times that Apple might hold off on unveiling the iPhone 5S for a few months because it wants to debut a larger screen that can better compete with Samsung. It’s been widely anticipated that the Silicon Valley giant would introduce its next iPhone, the 5S, in September or October, and that was confirmed to the Commercial Times by “unidentified people in the semiconductor industry,” Bloomberg reported. Now comes word that a last-minute switch to a 4.3-inch screen will push the release date back to the end of the year.

Apple increased the size of its screen from 3.3 inches to four inches on last year’s model, the iPhone 5, the first time it had done so. Meantime, Samsung and other Android manufacturers are releasing phones with displays of 4.5 inches and larger, appealing to customers who think bigger is more. The iPhone is the world’s best seller, but Samsung has become the market leader in terms of overall smartphone sales.

The much-rumored budget iPhone will come sooner, the Taiwanese newspaper said. Chips for what some are calling the iPhone 6 started shipping last month. Jefferies analyst Peter Misek recently said the cheaper device will sell for the unsubsidized price of $300 to $400, which might still make it too expensive for the emerging markets where most pundits expected it to sell. Of course, Apple hasn’t even confirmed such a device exists.

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