Verizon Wireless: About to Debut New Droids from Motorola, Google?

Now it’s Verizon Wireless that has us on tenterhooks. The company is teasing an event for next Tuesday (with buildup that sounds a lot like AT&T’s recent mystery hints) that industry watchers predict will be a debut for the carrier’s latest round of Droid smartphones.

Verizon today sent invitations in which it says it will show off "the next generation of their most popular family of devices."

Verizon hasn’t done a big debut in a while in fact, it only tweeted about carrying the Nokia Lumia 928. This time, there’s an actual event planned, at Lincoln Center Plaza in Manhattan.

That’s a big deal so expectations are running high. CNET forecasts that we’ll see new gadgets from Motorola and Google. The former is looking to return to popularity with a follow-up to its once-successful RAZR line this would be called the Droid Ultra. And Google has the Moto X, according to rumor. It’s supposed to be a customizable phone.   

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