Nokia Lumia 1020, 928 Sales to Struggle Against iPhone, Samsung Competition

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Don’t expect Nokia and its Windows-based line of Lumia smartphones to make major inroads against Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S4 in the near term, despite this week’s highly touted introduction of the Lumia 1020.

While the Lumias have received mostly positive reviews and have benefited from a solid marketing push, they’re still only competing for third place in market share, both in terms of hardware and operating system. The devices are only a blip in the rearview mirrors of Apple/Samsung and iOS/Android.

Nokia's Lumia 1020 might not be enough to help the manufacturer or Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system to compete with the big boys.And even though there’s a lot of hype surrounding the upcoming release of the Lumia 1020 which sports a spectacular camera at least one analyst isn’t confident about sales of high-end or low-end Lumias over the next few months.

We believe sell-in growth of lower-priced Lumia models should slow due to stable sales levels following initial channel inventory builds,” Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley said this week. “Further, we have slightly lowered our Lumia unit sales estimates for H2/2013 and 2014 due to our expectations for weaker high-end Lumia sales.”

Some analysts have predicted, as recently as last month, that Windows phones will nip at the heels of Apple’s iOS in terms of market share by 2017, but they’re going to have to pick up the pace.

We view Nokias ability to ramp its Windows 8 Lumia sales, maintain positive operating margins in Mobile Phones, and NSNs ability to maintain sustained profit levels as critical aspects for Nokias potential long-term recovery,” Walkley added.

Nokia aims most of its smartphones at both the business user and the general consumer. While most of the high-end devices have sold for a very reasonable $99 on contract, the new 1020 is expected to set customers back $300 when it launches on July 26 at AT&T.

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