Verizon Wireless FamilyBase Helps Prevent Bill Shock, Protect Kids

Verizon Wireless has a new service designed to help parents monitor and control their kids’ wireless use.

Verizon FamilyBase allows parents to monitor and limit calling, texting, app usage, and app purchases, set time restrictions, review contact lists and set trusted contacts. FamilyBase also allows parents to remotely lock a phone.

There are many reasons why a parent might buy their child a smartphone, from safety and security, to education; however, many still struggle with the questions of when to give their child a phone and how to keep some control over how it is used.

Verizon FamilyBase is available for $5 per month, for up to 10 lines. The first month is available for free. All features of the new service are available on most Android phones running version 2.1 or higher, but it’s not compatible with iOS, Windows or BlackBerry phones.

Customers can sign up for Verizon FamilyBase and load the Companion and Parents apps at, by calling **SAFE, or by texting SAFE to #7233. The Companion and Parent Applications are also available at Google Play.

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