With iPhone 5S Pending, iPhone 5 Blasted in Social Media

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The iPhone 5 despite being arguably the most popular smartphone on the planet is taking a beating.

New research from the social-media analysts at shows that the latest version of Apple’s iconic device is getting the most negative comments by far on Twitter, blogs and other social sites, The Daily Mail reported.

Twenty percent of the iPhone 5-related posts on social networks have something unflattering to say about the device since its September 2012 launch, the study shows. The biggest complaints concern a perceived lack of innovation compared to previous models; well-publicized inaccuracies involving Apple’s Maps program; and the new Lightning connector that has more pins than on past iPhones.

So which device surveyed got the fewest complaints?: It’s the iPhone’s biggest rival, Samsung’s Galaxy S4. We are Social also analyzed the BlackBerry Z10 and Nokia’s Lumia 920.

“The most successful launches were those that captured the consumer’s imagination by talking about the handset’s new and innovative features,” noted Ed Kitchingman, senior analyst at We Are Social, the report said. That’s where the Galaxy S4 got kudos commenters on social media liked its eye-tracking feature.

All that being said, it’s important to note that while the iPhone 5 got the most negative comments, it was also mentioned far more than any other device in 1.7 million social-media conversations. That was about six times more than the Z10, 12 times more than the Galaxy S4, and 38 times more than the Lumia 920.

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